Mandy Morris: Since you all have show me so much love here is my 2 month results! I’m ready to knock month 3 out of the park!!! Thanks for the amazing support!

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Teisha Parks:  This is a photo of my mom. I have gotten her started on the system and for the first time she has stuck to a diet! Why because she is not restricted. It has been 13 days! There has been no excercise simply because it’s difficult for her. She suffers from arthritis, carpel tunnel, high blood pressure, troubled knees which she has had surgery and Fibromyalgia. I am super proud of her progress thus far! Go mom go!

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Will Clouse:  Was a fun month… Time to get back at it. Not even a full week with the pledge and already leaning back out. Check you in 3 more weeks

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Dianne Malone: Does the pledge work? On May 1st we started our journey. My husband had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, was overweight, suffered from insomnia and sleep apnea. This week we received his most recent medical report and results are all “within acceptable range”. Doctors orders, follow up in 6 months! Yes, it works!

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Debbie Kasuba Ventriello:

I took for granted the fact that I had a flat stomach all of my adult life… that was until … that word that every woman fears… “Menopause” took over my life and my body took on a life of its own… you have no idea how happy I am that I have discovered and taken the pledge… it’s only been three weeks and I am very pleased with the results I am starting to see!

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