About Us

Hi CJ Henderson here the owner of Live Clean Live Well.  We wanted to create a community of healthy lifestyle businesses and people globally connected by 2 simple things #1 Health & #2 Well Being.

You can have all the money in the world but without your health you have no Well Being.. Imagine traveling and wanting a good healthy cafe to eat at, back home you know right were to go but in this city you would not have a clue.  Well as our community grows you will be able to:

  1. Open up to our site
  2. Choose the city and country
  3. Choose the category
  4. Find places nearby
  5. See their ratings & comments from our visitors
  6. Get directions or phone in if needed

We feel that doing business this way is a win – win for the business and for the customers.  Customers get great deals and products & services they can trust and businesses get Free advertising and with good ratings more ongoing business from our community.  We hope you like what you see here and if you know of a healthy lifestyle business that could benefit from our service please pass us on to them.


We Look Forward To Serving You.


CJ Henderson

Live Clean Live Well