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This is a Global Opportunity – We are expanding to many countries around the world, the great thing about what we do is we are not limited and neither are our Bonded Lister’s. You can grow your business with us from anywhere around the world.

Live Clean Live Well.Com is a unique business that focuses
on everything healthy and Clean Lifestyles globally.  Health and Wellness and Clean Living are now
the norm in today’s times.  The industry turns over 1 trillion dollars globally yearly.
We are offering people a unique opportunity to create your own listing service within our services & you
control the income. 

Our business is content driven we need people out there
plugging in the next hot Café or Restaurant that does healthy food or
Businesses that promotes clean living and products – Personal trainers or life
coaches and lots more.

We are giving people looking for an opportunity to join Live
Clean Live Well as a Bonded Lister – This will give you the ability to:

1.   Have your own list of clients

2.   Receive income from their listings

3.   Receive Renewal Fees from clients

4.   Offer them PREMIUM Listings at a discounted rate

5.   Have all your listings be topped ranked and
Featured for 3 categories

      As a Bonded Lister you are partnered with Live Clean Live Well – you will have control over your own community and be able to make Premium Listings for your customers for $40 or $50 or less instead of $75.00 (For Our Premium Package)   Customers love a discount and you will have the ability to give 250 businesses top listings on our website.









   How it works:

When you get a client you log into your account and create
them a listing and add their special offer and contact details and location –
then choose their category they can have max 3 categories depending on the type
of business.  The business pays you via
your own payment system we suggest try Square up or Stripe payments.

You will earn renewal income off the customer for the next
year when they renew – we suggest setting up auto renewal so you don’t have to
chase them. 

You can set the amount of times per year that the businesses
listing can be updated during the year. There is also an option for you to give
them any other offer from any other businesses you are involved in or to place
affiliate banner on the page great for long term revenue.

Income – Reoccurring $$$$$$

1 Bonded Lister account is $650.00 per year, so when you add
up the type of money you can make with your account it’s hands down a great
deal for real entrepreneur types.  With
250 customers paying $39.95 per year = $9,875.50 per year in revenue which will
come every year with renewals.

 $49.95 per Premium Listing for 250 = $12,487.50 – – $60 = $15,000 per year in reoccurring revenue.

If a business does not renew with you simply log in and
change their listing to another business or delete it.  Your account will have max 250 listing pages
attached to it.  To keep your account
active you need to renew yearly or all of your listings will be deleted (NOTE 17 businesses listed with you @ $49.95 keeps your business
alive and covers renewal)

For Early Adapters to this your price per year
will never change
, as we really grow globally this figure of $650 AUD per year will go much
higher.  Our new app services will make
Live Clean Live Well a sought after service globally.  As our services get better and better it will
make your business people feel the love for being with our service.  We are focused on service for all above

People looking for Healthy Lifestyle businesses are a huge
market, and will keep growing globally.
Imagine customers in any city able to find Healthy or Clean Living
services or places instantly from their mobile device. 

This is the future for Live Clean Live Well as no other
service is focused on doing this globally as we are which means lots of opportunities
for people like you.

To Get Started Simply Go To Register Or Log In IF You Are Already A
Member & Upgrade To Bonded Lister. If you have any questions click on
contact Arthur and send us a message will will get back to you.

This business is
great for any city so do not worry about it being only Australia or only USA we
are looking for people globally to join us. 

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